Language points – Using mélòó?

In order to find out how many things someone has, use the question marker mélòó? For example:

Ìwé mélòó ni Kúnlé ní? How many books does Kunle have?

  • Kúnlé ní ìwé kan. Kunle has one book.

Ajá mélòó ni Túnjí ní? How many dogs does Tunji have?

  • Túnjí ní ajá méjo. Tunji has eight dogs.

But if you want to find how old a person is, you use the following questions:

Omo odún mélòó ni é? How old are you? (lit. How many child years are you?)

  • Omo odún méfà ni mí I am six years old

Omo odún mélòó ni àbúrò re? How old is your younger sibiling?

  • Omo odún méjìdínlógún ni àbúrò mi My younger sibiling is eighteen years old

To form words such as “once”, “twice”, “thrice”, etc, use the number words that modify noun but add èè-. For example:

èèkan once

èèméji twice

èèméta thrice

èèmérin four times

èèmárùnún five times


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