Exercises with solutions – Unit 3 (2nd part)

Exercise 9 You are a party and you meet people from different nationalities. Find out where each person is from, and wich language they speak. Example: Juan/Venezuela/Spanish Omo ìlú Venezuela ni Juan. Ó gbó èdè Spanish. Maura/Paraguay/Guarani Senkoro/Tanzania/Swahili Mukoma/Kenya/Kikuyu Sookyung/Korea/Korean Vankatesh/India/Tamil Andrew/USA/English Doyin/Nigeria/Yoruba Akua/Ghana/Twi Lindiwe/Zimbabwe/Shona Akan/Nigeria/Efik Exercise 10 Find out if your friend speaks the following … More Exercises with solutions – Unit 3 (2nd part)

Exercises with solutions (1st part) – Unit 3

Exercise 1 Tell the following people to sit down. The first has been done for you: Your friend Jókòó! Your younger sibilings Your boss Your aunt Your uncle Your older neighbor Your classmate Your younger office colleague Your younger neighbor Your older brother Exercise 2 You offended the people in exercise 1. Beg them one by … More Exercises with solutions (1st part) – Unit 3